Alsendo acquires a majority stake in the Romanian company Innoship

We are proud to inform about the second acquisition within 2 months. Innoship and Alsendo, supported by the investor Abris Capital Partners – a private equity fund, entered into a strategic partnership to develop the highest quality shipping solutions in the SaaS model for the e-commerce sector in Central and Eastern Europe. 

A new dimension of SaaS delivery from Innoship

Innoship is a pure SaaS delivery management specialist founded in Romania in 2019, offering advanced technology solutions that optimize last-mile management through data intelligence for over 200 medium and large retailers in Europe. The company will help drive Alsendo’s transition from reselling into a technology-driven, SaaS-focused business model. At the same time, Innoship will benefit from Alsendo’s expertise in providing comprehensive shipping services and technological solutions for business customers, including e-commerce, marketplace, and global enterprises. 

The acquisition of Innoship followed the earlier purchase of a majority stake by Alsendo in the platform dealing with the courier deliveries to individual and corporate customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

“Within 2 months, we made two acquisitions of foreign entities, consistently implementing our strategy of transition to a business model based on technology and services in the SaaS model. The acquisition of Innoship will allow us to provide advanced shipping solutions to a larger group of customers, supporting their business efficiency in the area of ​​logistics and after-sales processes. Our offer of shipping services is based on unique technologies, offering a wide range of tools for companies from the e-commerce sector ”- says Aleksandra Zawadzka, CFO, Alsendo.

The partnership also brings synergies between Alsendo and Innoship, such as the accelerated rollout of SaaS solutions in Poland and the consolidation of offerings provided by both companies to marketplaces across Central Europe and expands Alsendo’s reach into the Romanian market. In addition, the combined business will continue to benefit from the growth of the e-commerce market in Central Europe, which is driving the demand for logistics technology solutions.

Daniel Nicolae, co-founder of Innoship added:

“At Innoship, our purpose has always been to create the best product for our customers to enable them to better manage disruptions, accelerate growth and add new value to their own consumers in today’s rapidly changing world. Our growth so far has been beyond our expectations and now we aim even higher. We are extremely grateful to the customers who are using our innovative technology and support us with feedback, but also to the investors who have guided us in the right direction. We are very excited about the partnership with Alsendo; together we will create the leading e-commerce shipping solutions technology business in Central Europe and beyond.”


Abris Capital Partners supports another acquisition of Alsendo

Central European investor Abris invested in Alsendo in 2020, and has since partnered with the firm’s management team to expand the business organically and through acquisition, as it seeks to build the leading provider of shipping solutions in Central Europe. 

Edgar Kolesnik, partner at Abris Capital Partners, added:

“Since acquiring Alsendo, we have been proud to support its dynamic growth, while planning our ambitious buy-and-build strategy. We will continue to capitalize on the strong growth of the underlying e-commerce sector in Europe, as well as investing in the technology platform and pursuing international expansion, as we seek to grow Alsendo further. We will also focus on strengthening the merged teams and developing management and leadership talent with experience in SaaS.


Alsendo is a leader in technological shipping solutions for businesses. Its goal is to provide comprehensive solutions in the field of shipping and after-sales processes across all customer segments. Alsendo’s core activities are aimed at improving the efficiency of clients’ shipping processes while maintaining the highest standards of service, using cutting-edge technological solutions. Alsendo offers solutions across all customer segments who are looking for logistics solutions tailored to their requirements. The company’s portfolio includes shipping services and technological solutions designed for business customers, including top e-commerce solutions, marketplace and global enterprises.


Innoship is a company that combines technology (in a form that is easy to understand and easy to use) and know-how in the fields of courier services, supply chain, and retail operations. The Innoship platform is an aggregator of multiple fast delivery options for retail and e-commerce businesses, democratizing the access of retailers of all sizes to advanced technology. Through the Innoship platform, retailers can efficiently manage their courier contracts by offering their customers multiple delivery options and shipping services for substantially better quality at a minimal cost.

 Abris Capital Partners

Abris Capital Partners is the leading ESG transformation specialist private equity fund manager, focused on mid-market opportunities in the major countries of Central Europe. Established in 2007, Abris seeks to identify and partner with the most successful and dynamic mid-market businesses in Central Europe, which can benefit from an input of capital and management expertise at both strategic and operational levels, while driving growth through ESG transformation.

With investment capital of almost €1.3 billion, Abris has obtained financial backing from many leading global investment institutions including corporate and public pension plans, financial institutions, funds of funds and US university endowment funds. Abris has a long-term investment horizon and usually targets transactions in which it is able to acquire a majority or sole ownership position. The typical financial commitment by Abris to any single transaction can range from €30 million to €75 million, with larger commitments available if required. The Abris advisory business operates using teams based in Warsaw and Bucharest.