Alsendo acquires another company in Romania

18 April 2023, Warsaw – Alsendo, a provider of tech-enabled delivery management solutions in Central Europe, backed by ESG transformation specialist investor Abris Capital Partners, has acquired Ecolet, the leading B2X focused parcel services platform in Romania and Bulgaria.

Integration of courier services

Ecolet is a technology company established in 2019 that offers technological solutions in the field of delivery management for small and medium-sized enterprises. The company focuses on developing on the Romanian market with its logistics platform, and has also been increasing its market share in Bulgaria by developing

The acquisition will cement Alsendo’s leadership position in the Romanian market and support its transition from a traditional parcel broker model into a technology-driven provider of delivery management solutions with a regional footprint. At the same time, Ecolet will benefit of Alsendo’s experience in terms of offering comprehensive services and software for all customer segments, including e-commerce entities, also in the SaaS model.

The acquisition of Ecolet follows Alsendo’s 2022 acquisition of the platform, which deals with courier deliveries for individual and corporate customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and the acquisition of a majority stake in Romania’s Innoship. Innoship is a platform that offers delivery management tools in the SaaS model for more than 200 large enterprises, e-commerce shops, and marketplaces worldwide.

“Over the past seven months, we have performed three acquisitions of foreign entities operating in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria, consistently implementing our strategy of building Alsendo Group’s leading position on the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. In parallel, we increase our market share on our home Polish market through the organic development of and, as well as through local acquisitions.  The acquisition of Ecolet will allow us to provide delivery management solutions to a larger customer base in the Romanian market, and also enables us to learn about the needs of business customers in the area of logistics and after-sales processes on the Bulgarian market. Additionally, it offers the potential for product and sales synergies with the Innoship platform, which makes it possible for the Alsendo Group to completely meet our customers’ shipping needs. The Alsendo Group includes more than a dozen services that offer a wide range of delivery management solutions. We are distinguished by unique technologies, cost-optimised SaaS services, and innovative tools for e-commerce companies. Now we can implement our know-how in following markets.” – says Marcin Susmanek, COO, Member of the Management Board at Alsendo.

The partnership should bring business growth for both companies, enabling consolidation of services and technology solutions.

Abris Capital Partners supports Alsendo’s following acquisition

“Since the very beginning of our investment in Alsendo, we have been very pleased to observe the dynamic growth in value of this leading brand from the industry of technological delivery management solutions, while at the same time pursuing our ambitious consolidation strategy. Despite the dynamic economic situation, we manage to benefit from the growing popularity of the e-commerce sector in CEE, with an increase in the significance of cross-border trade providing an additional stimulus for development. By investing in platforms from following foreign markets and further developing post-checkout services in the SaaS model, we are consistently supporting the Alsendo Group in achieving its business goals.” – added Edgar Koleśnik, partner at Abris Capital Partners.

Abris Capital Partners, an independent private equity fund management company specializing in ESG transformation, invested in Alsendo in 2020 and has been working with the company’s management team ever since. The main objective is to build a leading position of tech-enabled
delivery management solutions provider in Central Europe through the company’s organic growth and foreign acquisitions. At the beginning of September, previous year, Abris supported Alsendo in purchasing a majority stake in the logistics service, which operates in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Whereas, in October 2022, Abris was one of the partners in acquiring the Romanian company Innoship, specializing in providing advanced solutions optimizing courier services, and customer experience for the largest e-commerce entities.