14 November 2022

Polish e-commerce vs. the rest of the world. IdoSell data analysis

Polish e-commerce vs. the rest world. IdoSell data analysis. 


IdoSell inspected how cross-border develops in polish e-commerce. The organization created a report that shows where and in which markets e-stores are doing best. The study covered the sales results of over 6.5 thousand professional online stores.

In which foreign countries polish e-shops are selling the most?

According to the IdoSell report, in recent years Polish stores have sold the most on the German market. In 2019 (January to June), GMV (Gross Merchandise Value, i.e. the value of orders placed) of stores selling to Germany amounted to over 62 million PLN, and already in 2022 over 184 million PLN. 

Another market where IdoSell stores are willing and selling a lot is the Czech Republic (in 2019 GMV at 27 million PLN, in 2022 over 87 million PLN). An interesting change took place at the last place on the podium. In 2019, the United Kingdom was there (nearly 20 million GMV), while in 2022 this place belongs to Romania (over 40 million PLN for GMV).

E-commerce specialists are more than in agreement that cross-border is a natural direction for the development of online stores. This is also confirmed by the IdoSell research. The growth dynamics of businesses that have decided to enter new markets is definitely higher than those that focus only on sales in Poland. In 2020 and 2021, these stores grew by 73 and 53 percent (increase in GMV). At the same time, those focused on the Polish market increased by 39 and 24 percent only.

The popularity of online sales in Poland and the world

The Covid-19 pandemic caused consumers to buy online much more often. Even though most of the restrictions were abolished, consumers still eagerly order from e-shops. 

Data gathered by IdoSell shows that in recent years sales in online stores increased significantly, alongside with popularity of specific products. It is not surprising that in 2020 consumers were looking for hygiene products, as well as cosmetics and meds. Interestingly, a year later sales of smartphones, computers, tea, and coffee increased significantly. Then in the first half of 2022, e-stores that offer cameras, sports equipment, or plants had the largest sales jump. 

The world’s top 5 trending online selling products are:

  • clothes,
  • shoes,
  • electronics,
  • toys,
  • pet accessories.

Poland ranks high on the list of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in the world. The observed trends and tendencies reflect the global ones. Therefore, developing a business in this market has enormous potential, especially in the face of crisis, rising prices, etc.

What is the future of the Polish e-commerce market?

According to Strategy&Polska research, by 2027 the value of the e-commerce market in Poland will increase by over 94 billion PLN to 187 billion PLN. More than half of the growth (54%) will come from three categories: fashion (21 billion PLN), electronics (19 billion PLN), and health and beauty (11 billion PLN). The tendency to order such products online is in practice common to the rest of the world.

The Internet allows easy access to products from around the world and greatly facilitates international sales. The e-commerce market, also in Poland, will evolve towards greater internationalization of trade and increase the sales activity of stores outside their country of origin. Polish products are gaining recognition in Europe and in the world, which is why more entrepreneurs want to create foreign-language versions of their websites and enable the option of shipping abroad.

Rising prices of products encourage online shopping because in this way consumers can save a lot on clothes, electronics, cosmetic products, etc. Entrepreneurs from the e-commerce industry must deal with the rising prices of running a business, but currently, they have perfect circumstances for development. In cooperation with logistics intermediaries, they can sell products online in the most efficient and cost-effective way, achieving the most benefits.