Required cybersecurity measures

Businesses have to protect their resources also against threats caused by the quick development of technology. Logistics is one of the sectors that mainly operate on large data sets. What are the most important aspects to consider? We will discuss the required cybersecurity measures.

What are the components of cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a term referring to techniques, processes and practices intended to protect IT networks, hardware, software and data against modification, erasure/damage/loss or unauthorised access.

Cybersecurity consists of many different issues, e.g.:

  • security of databases and IT infrastructure;
  • cloud security;
  • network security (including technical security measures);
  • application security;
  • mobile security;
  • personal data protection.

How to ensure cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a complex process that relies on the use of electronic equipment and software and the behaviours of their users. The most important things needed to protect data include the following:

  • hardware security measures;
  • multi-level authentication;
  • access authorisation;
  • antivirus software and ransomware protection;
  • firewall;
  • using original and updated versions of programs, applications and operating systems;
  • drive encryption in company hardware;
  • training the employees in cybersecurity (including warnings against potential risks and dangerous habits, e.g., visiting unprotected websites);
  • document shredders (after obtaining discarded documents, the hackers can acquire the data they need to launch an attack);
  • physical protection of the office (hackers can break into the building and get to the server room, computers, etc.).

Construction of an effective cybersecurity system at a logistics company is a multi-stage process, which is why businesses often use the services of external companies.