Sustainable e-commerce – how green changes affect business operations.

Under the Paris Agreement, the European Union is to achieve climate neutrality as early as 2050.1 At Alsendo, we are well aware that this worthy cause is a major challenge for the logistics and e-commerce industries. We wish pioneer the green change. Here is what we have accomplished in the recent years and the goals we have set for ourselves!

Green changes in Alsendo Poland

At Alsendo, we believe that the environment is our future. Its condition will depend largely on the e-commerce industry and the logistics industry, of which we are a part. Recently, we have been able to implement a number of green changes and achievements as part of our concern for the environment:

  • Education – we have sent more than 50,000 e-books about taking care of the environment to our customers. The guides “Ecology in the courier industry” and “How to pack? The Courier Packing Guide” addresses key logistics and e-commerce issues.
  • Lower electricity consumption – at Alsendo Poland we have reduced the level of electricity consumption by 15%.
  • Giving up paper contracts – allowed us to use 35% less paper.
  • Day-to-day best practices – we do not use plastic cutlery, we reduce and recycle waste.

Working with environmentally conscious carriers

For the sake of the environment, we only work with courier companies that comply with environmental regulations. We are pleased to hear that our partners are aware of climate change and constantly aim to reduce their carbon footprint.
We proudly join other pro-environmental initiatives. We have become a partner of InPost’s EKO Returns service, through which unwanted items and accessories gain new owners or are recycled.

Climate neutral Alsendo Poland already in 2025!

We take responsibility and set ambitious goals for eco-friendliness of the e-commerce industry, the development of which we support. Now our priority is to achieve climate neutrality as early as 2025!