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Ethics in management,
responsibility in action

Sustainable development is an inherent part of Alsendo Group business model

ESG indicators

The “ESG” abbreviation refers to the words: “Environment”, “Social” and “Governance”. These terms refer to issues related to environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance. An economic activity will be considered sustainable once it meets certain criteria.

Environment – impact on the environment

This is a key aspect in the context of ESG, as it focuses on assessing the impact of companies’ activities on the natural environment. Company leaders should systematically monitor and be responsible for aspects related to climate change, air, water and soil pollution, consumption of natural resources, wildlife protection and waste management.

Social – social and employee relations

An area that focuses on ethical and responsible social management. The key social ESG topics include: corporate social responsibility, fair working conditions, diversity and inclusion, youth employment, employment of people with disabilities, sustainable resource management and the fight against poverty.

Governance – internal
order and management

Corporate governance is an area covering the principles and norms that guide companies in their relationships with owners, employees, contractors, customers and the communities in which they operate. Its scope includes, among others: principles of company management, information transparency, compliance with the law, protection of employee rights, quality of products and services and business responsibility.

UN Sustainable Development

We want to support the global transformation towards sustainable development and equal opportunities for all. The Alsendo Group’s ESG strategy refers to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established
by the United Nations.

The UN goals constitute an urgent call for action to all countries, either developed and developing, to come together to fight for a better future in global partnership.

As part of our strategy, we have identified areas where we can have a real impact on the fight against climate change, on the implementation of programs promoting gender equality and equal opportunities, as well as supporting human rights.

The environment
is our future

> 50 thousand

e-mails sent to customers with an e-book about ecology


we have reduced paper consumption by introducing electronic signatures and eliminating paper contracts

year 2025

our goal to achieve climate neutrality


we have reduced electricity consumption

In order to maintain a balance between the Group’s constant development and responsibility for the natural environment, we strive to limit the negative impact of our activities, including: by reducing waste generated by our offices, eliminating plastic cutlery, separating waste and reducing energy consumption.

We are aware of our impact on the environment and climate change in the supply chain, which is why we cooperate with courier companies that comply with environmental protection regulations and constantly reduce their carbon footprint. We focus on eco-education and promote pro-ecological behavior among our business partners and customers.

We provide free guides: “Ecology in the courier industry” and “How to pack? a guide to packing courier shipments”, in which we share knowledge about how courier services affect climate change and how to minimize it by consciously choosing the most ecological courier solutions. We encourage you to use low-emission forms of sending and receiving, such as parcel machines, e.g. InPost® parcel lockers. We
educate on ecological packaging materials, and our pricing policy promotes point services.

We have become a partner of the InPost service – EKOreturns.

EKOreturns is a free and quick way to return things you no longer need. The service allows you to give them a second life in a convenient, quick and, above all, environment-friendly way. We are proud to support this initiative in the zero-waste spirit! We believe that together we will do a lot of good for our planet!

Sustainable society, sustainable business


of women in the Management Board of Alsendo Polska


of women in management staff


of employees have completed a first aid course


of employees took part in at least one training

In the Alsendo Group, most managerial roles are performed by women. As the Company develops, we take care of the professional development of all women employed in the company. Feminine energy has always been at the forefront of managing key areas. We assume that the company’s success largely depends on the
competence and commitment of its employees, therefore the human resources management model implemented in the Group focuses on attracting the best candidates, engaging and motivating them, developing and promoting them within the organization.

Equality and diversity

The goal of diversity management at Alsendo is to create work environment in which each employee feels respected and in which they can fully realize their potential, which contributes to the company’s success. We provide employees with equal opportunities to access professional development and promotion regardless of skin color, religion, gender, age, nationality, sexual orientation, citizenship, marital status, having children, political views, disability or other legally protected status.

Work Safety

As the Alsendo Group, we are a safe workplace and our aim is to achieve the goal of “zero accidents” at work. The Group operates a system for managing occupational health and safety issues based on legal provisions. The working environment in our offices is periodically audited in terms of health and safety and
fire protection. The occupational risk assessment is updated at least every 2 years. Employees are informed about threats and methods of dealing with accidents, fires and other situations during occupational health and safety training.

Employee volunteering

Our employees are enthusiastically involved in volunteering activities, actively participating in various projects.

Thanks to the commitment of our employees, we can actively participate in projects that have a positive impact on the community and the environment. We are proud of their willingness to help and readiness to get involved in social issues.

Ethics in management,
responsibility in action


of signed contracts with a clause regarding anti-corruption policy and respect for human rights


of employees trained in compliance

> 75%

of employees were involved in creating the Code of Ethics


of employees trained in anti-corruption procedures

Ethical values

As the Alsendo Group, we operate in an open and transparent manner, and in accordance with generally applicable legal provisions and internal regulations.

The foundation for creating transparent, comfortable and equal working conditions for all is the Alsendo Group Code of Ethics.

We make every effort to ensure that, when performing work, employees are guided by the ethical values of the Group and promote them through their own example and behavior in line with the principles contained in the Code of Ethics.

Service quality

As a Group, we focus on maintaining and promoting the highest standards of customer service. We ensure compliance with our values and the principles contained in the Code of Ethics. We actively build relationships internally and with our partners and clients based on mutual respect and honesty.

Our values – how
do we do it?

We strive to ensure that relations with employees and third parties are consistent with national laws and regulations, taking into account cultural conditions. If there is a suspicion of a violation of the law or the principles contained in the Code of Ethics or the Anti-Corruption Policy, any person (regardless of whether he or she is an employee or a third party) may report irregularities.


We are constantly improving our products and processes. We are constantly inspired by the latest trends in the new technology market. We are open to changes and improving our services.


We keep adapting to the changing environment. We value building good relationships based on trust and mutual support. We are engaged in working with others toward a common goal.


We offer our Customers the highest quality services. We set high standards for cooperation with  customers. We have the knowledge and skills and we are consistent in our work.

Attention to Customer Satisfaction

The Customer satisfaction is our priority. We offer reliable service, know-how and flexibility to meet expectations of our Customers. We are professional in our work. We believe that Customer satisfaction is the success of all of us.


We value thinking outside the box, which is why we give our employees independence and autonomy in decision-making. We develop managers to seek innovative solutions. The result of this approach is quality and accountability for the work we do.


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