According to, the value of the global e-commerce market reached USD 5.7 trillion in 2022[1]! And experts are forecasting its growth in the years to come. It is no secret that online sales have been driving the CEP industry for a long time now. The value of the global e-commerce logistics market is also set to grow significantly over the next five years.

Close to EUR 700 billion in 2027

According to estimates by the research agency Transport Intelligence, the global market was worth more than EUR 418 billion in 2022, while the current year should close with a figure of over EUR 451 billion.

The projected growth in the sector’s value up to 2027 is impressive. Worldwide customers are then expected to pay more than EUR 683 billion for e-commerce logistics services. This means that the market would have grown by as much as 63%[2].

Significant share of cross-border commerce logistics

Retailers from different countries are looking for new markets abroad. Many online trading giants are now operating globally. In 2022, cross-border logistics services for the e-commerce industry totalled more than EUR 66 billion, which represented a share of almost 16%. In 2027, the figures are expected to look similar. The value of cross-border logistics services in this sector is to exceed EUR 114 billion, with a share of almost 17%.

Logistics for e-commerce in Europe

E-commerce is also the driving force of the European CEP sector. In 2022, the value of e-commerce logistics services in Europe reached EUR 81.638 billion. Interestingly, the share of cross-border operations in the region was lower than the global average, at just over 14%.

The markets with the highest value are the UK (EUR 23.9 billion), Germany (EUR 16.49 billion) and France (EUR 12.14 billion), followed by Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Sweden and Turkey.

Signs are that the booming e-commerce market will favour the logistics industry in the coming years.