Magda Magnuszewska has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Alsendo Group, a leading technology-based provider of shipping management solutions for business clients in Central and Eastern Europe, with effect from 3 October 2023. Alsendo Group provides Shipping Platforms, Carrier Management Systems and other last-mile technology solutions to businesses, including large e-commerce, marketplaces, and SMEs. 

“I am proud to lead an organization with such immense potential and ambitious growth plans. Through Alsendo Group’s technology, we currently ship an average of 5 million parcels per month to 150 countries globally, but our ambitions reach much further. We plan to leverage our technological advantage, expertise, and the Group’s international reach of the group as a driving force for growth, bolstered by new acquisitions. I am delighted to be joining such a rapidly expanding organization and such a dedicated team! With my knowledge and experience, I hope to accelerate this pace even further,” says Magda Magnuszewska, CEO of Alsendo.

Magda Magnuszewska has been associated with the new technology, logistics, and digital industry for nearly 20 years. She was responsible for the business transformation of Inelo Group, a leading provider of integrated technological solutions for the transport industry in CEE. She also has extensive experience in M&A, integration processes and investor relations. She served on the supervisory boards of companies such as Netsprint Group and Grupa Wirtualna Polska, and for over 15 years, acted as a Partner at the private equity fund Innova Capital.

“We are delighted to see the significant development Alsendo Group has made since joining our portfolio in 2020. The company benefits not only from the growth of the e-commerce sector in Europe, for which it offers a wide range of shipping management technology solutions, but also from well-placed investments in IT development and successful international acquisitions. We are thrilled that Magda has accepted our offer of cooperation, and we wish her and the entire team further success. We affirm our continued support for Alsendo in developing SaaS offer, carrier management systems, and strengthening the managerial skills of key employees,” adds Edgar Koleśnik, a partner at Abris Capital Partners and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Alsendo.

About Alsendo

Alsendo Group is the leading provider of software and services to support the management of shipping processes in the CEE markets. The Group focuses on offering comprehensive solutions to optimize delivery and post-sales processes for all segments of business clients. Alsendo brings together several technological shipping platforms (,,, and offers Carrier Management System (CMS) solutions for delivery management, with’s leading software.

Their extensive logistics offering includes solutions tailored to the specific needs of marketplace platforms, integrations with over 80 e-commerce platforms, SaaS offerings for e-commerce entities, and a single API integration with multiple courier companies. Among Alsendo’s clients are companies such as Deichmann, OLX Group, Yves Rocher, Leroy Merlin, Dr. Max, and Moderna Group.