The future of shopping – how will q-commerce affect the reality of e-commerce?

The e-commerce industry is changing not only through regular value growth. Growing consumer expectations are leading to the emergence of more forms of e-commerce. Q-commerce has recently become one of the hottest trends.

Dark stores just around the corner

Just a few years ago, the industry quick-commerce was limited in practice to the possibility of ordering a meal with delivery. Instant grocery shopping soon became the next step. Residents of Polish cities may not notice the dark stores deployed in their vicinity, but after placing an order, they can count on delivery of their purchases within a dozen or so minutes at most. It is estimated that the global value of q-commerce will reach $72 billion in 2025.1

The future of quick-commerce

How do we know the ways in which q-commerce will soon change the face of e-commerce? A huge hint may be the current expectations of consumers themselves, as verified by the Mindshare agency.
Survey participants were asked what products available through q-commerce would make them buy more often. Respondents indicated the following categories:

  • pharmaceuticals – 45%,
  • beauty products – 35%,
  • apparel – 28%,
  • footwear – 25%,
  • children’s products – 21%,
  • pet products – 17%.2

Will city couriers soon be delivering medicine, cosmetics and clothing to Poles within an hour? Given the growth rate of the q-commerce segment, this cannot be ruled out.